About ELV

ELV is an abbreviation that consists of the initials of the completed Vehicle words.

What is the Regulation?

ELV Regulation has been published in the Official Gazette on December 30, 2009 by T.C. Environment and General Directorate of Environmental Management, Waste Management Department, on Control of Vehicles Completely Covered by Life and has been implemented as of January 1, 2011.

What is the Practice?

To prevent the generation of waste vehicles for the protection of environment and human health, to reduce the amount of waste that can be eliminated by means of recycling, recycling and recovery of the parts and tools of their life.

General Explanation about the Character;

In general, ETA is to carry out the disposal, recycling and recycling of vehicles conforming to the criteria by the vehicle users at approved sites that have met the environmental compliance requirements by delivering the vehicle to the locations specified by the manufacturer. The basic principle is that an authorized representative will be delivered by the owner of the
ELV without paying any fee and a disposal form will be obtained.

Special Delivery Locations

The vehicle is the place where the registration and ping of the completed vehicle is completed by obtaining the and disposal form the record. On our site you can learn all of our points the menu CAR TRANSFER.

Which Types of Vehicles are in the Scope of the Regulation?

Motor vehicles (M1) with passenger carrying capacity up to 8 seats excluding the driver, Motorized cargo vehicles (N1) with a maximum weight not exceeding 3,500 kilograms (N1) and Type two or three wheel motor vehicles Three wheeled vehicles, except for motorcycles and motor bikes, are covered by this Regulation and can be regulated by the Registrar Drop and Dispose Form.

What to do before delivery?

1) Delivery location is ed.
2) Documents obtained the traffic registration institutions shall be provided to the effect that no annotations such as foreclosure, pledge, measures are found in the records of the intermediary.
3) Withholding tax is imposed on the motor vehicle tax excluded the relevant tax office except for vehicles withdrawn the traffic, such as delayed interest, delay interest, tax penalty, traffic administrative fines, tolls and administrative fines relating to this tax.
4) Along with the supplied documents, OTA is delivered.
5) Registration ping process is started.

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