Company Profile

Remer, the Regulation on the Control of Vehicles Completed for the Life of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, is an Automotive Recycling activity as ÖTA Economic Operator in the framework of the ELV Directive (End of Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53 / EC)

To prevent the generation of wastes vehicles for the protection of environment and human health, to reduce the amount of wastes to be eliminated by lifecycle tools and their parts reuse, recycling and recovery processes and to monitor technical and legal developments related to EU countries and international sector, Contributes to the development of the management systems, establishes relations with Universities and Research Institutions and establishes the services to investigate the development and growth of the company in accordance with the facts of the country.

REMER who wishes to improve the registration and reporting system in addition to the processing and dismantling stages by improving the programs related to ÖTA pretreatment and dismantling with national possibilities and to provide barcoding according to the international standards of the reusable parts and to spread the related program at the same time, provides added value to the economy.

Our company, which always regards minimizing, collecting, transporting and recycling of all types of waste as recycling through the process of recycling, is always the first principle to establish a national economy. In order to establish organizations to fulfill waste management responsibilities arising Laws and Regulations on behalf of business and solution partners, or to establish, operate and operate more than one economic enterprise.