Quality Policy

"REMER, as an expert company in the field, to direct the sector, by complying with the requirements of Integrated Management Systems and benefiting modern information and technology opportunities in the light of the philosophy of continuous development together with its stakeholders in the light of the philosophy of: Producing service at every point to protect the highest quality of resources and efficiency level of customer satisfaction and trust, the Integrated Management System established and implemented as a policy adopted and is committed to implementing.

In this context, in line with the principle of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction;

Gathering the suggestions, requests and complaints of the relevant customers receiving services our Company in a single source in an open, impartial, transparent and safe manner without discrimination of customers and evaluating these records in accordance with the law, objectively, fairly and confidentially,

To ensure the continuous improvement of our quality by including all the suggestions and works within the scope of customer satisfaction to the service and management system,

In the sector of vehicle recycling / dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vehicles, to meet the demands, expectations and needs of internal and external interested parties in an effective and efficient manner in order to achieve the objectives,

With the Integrated Management Systems implemented; to ensure compliance with defined and complying with applicable legal regulations, compliance with defined compliance obligations, Quality and Environmental factors and environmental requirements, Worker´s health and safety practices and to ensure the safety of employees and the continuity of the work to ensure the institutional and global ecosystem,

It has taken the necessary measures to carry the organization to the future at national and international level with its practices that eliminate pollution, ”0” accident target applications, the security of the service it performs, the functionality of the quality functions and the sustainability project and is committed to ensure continuous improvement by measuring its performance.